Live Shopping

Welcome to Live Shopping with our co-founders Siobhan and Caroline. Your opportunity to ask us all your burning skincare questions. Each show will feature exclusive discounts and watch out for our upcoming special guests.


The perimenopause sparked a whole new conversation for us as friends around symptoms, hormones and our changing skin. Confiding in each other helped us to connect the dots and figure out what was happening to us. We weren’t expecting menopause in our 40’s, surely we’re far too young for that. Turns out, we’re not. We started to talk to friends and family and realised that we weren’t the only ones.  We heard so many similar stories of confusion and frustration but mostly we all felt better for sharing.

So, we have created THE LIVING ROOM, a private group on Facebook where we can share information, educate ourselves, support one another and throw in a bit of humour.

If you would like to be part of this, you can sign up here.


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