Why Your Menopausal Skin Needs Niacinamide

Niacinamide is the ultimate multi-tasking skincare ingredient for targeting hormonal skin changes caused by menopause. The list of skin benefits is endless – from boosting collagen to brightening  and fading hyperpigmentation to strengthening your skin barrier and boosting hydration levels - all without causing irritation. Read this week’s blog to find out why it’s a must-have ingredient in your menopausal skincare routine.

Why Your Menopausal Skin Needs Niacinamide

When it comes to multi-tasking skincare ingredients it’s hard to beat niacinamide. It’s not as well-known as retinol or vitamin C but it’s every bit as effective.

Niacinamide is a multi-benefit, powerhouse ingredient that it pays to know about. It is renowned for its ability to target multiple skin concerns at the same time, making it perfect for treating hormonal skin changes caused by menopause. The list of skin benefits is endless – from boosting collagen to brightening and fading hyperpigmentation to strengthening your skin barrier and boosting hydration levels.  Here’s why you need this game changing ingredient in menopause.

What is niacinamide?

Also known as Vitamin B3niacinamide is a water soluble vitamin and potent antioxidant.  An essential nutrient found in food sources like eggs, nuts and avocados. It plays an essential role in our bodies and has many benefits when it comes to skin. All skin types will benefit from using it but it is particularly effective for treating menopausal skin.

What are the benefits of niacinamide for menopausal skin?

As we go through menopause, fluctuating hormones can have a dramatic effect on the condition of our skin.  Skin becomes drier, thinner and less radiant.  Our skin barrier starts to weaken and skin can become much more sensitive and prone to inflammation and breakouts.  Niacinamide is a powerful skincare ingredient that is able to target multiple menopausal skin concerns at once without causing irritation.

Niacinamide Brightens Skin and Fades Hyperpigmentation

Niacinamide works to minimise hyperpigmentation by blocking the transfer of pigment to your skin’s surface.  Many women experience hyperpigmentation in menopause as a result of fluctuating hormones and accumulated sun damage.  Niacinamide works to even out your complexion.  It’s also proven to brighten skin which can become much duller as a result of reduced collagen levels.  Niacinamide works to restore radiance in a similar wat to vitamin c but without the risk of irritation.

Niacinamide Strengthens Your Skin & Helps Maintain Hydration

Niacinamide will help fortify the strength of your skin’s structure thus reducing sensitivity and improving the skin’s ability to retain moisture. As we go through menopause, our skin barrier starts to weaken.  By boosting the production of ceramides in the skin, niacinamide acts to strengthen the skin barrier protecting against moisture loss and dehydration.  Using niacinamide regularly will combat the dryness so many women experience in menopause

Niacinamide protects skin from environmental stressors

Regular use of niacinamide helps protect skin from environmental damage.  As a powerful antioxidant niacinamide helps to repair cellular damage in the skin, while at the same time protecting it from oxidative stressors such as sunlight and pollution.

Niacinamide boosts collagen production

As we go through menopause, collagen levels start to decline.  We lose a scary sounding 30% of collagen in the first 5 years of menopause. Niacinamide has been shown to visibly improve skin's firmness and elasticity by stimulating collagen production for a smoothing, plumping effect on skin.

Niacinamide reduces inflammation and is suitable for use on sensitive skin.

In menopause, skin becomes much more sensitive and prone to irritation. Unlike some other proven actives (vitamin C for example) niacinamide won’t cause irritation and is well-tolerated by all skin types.  It also has soothing properties and calms redness and inflammation.

Niacinamide can help control hormonal acne

Many women experience hormonal breakouts in menopause.  Different to the acne we experience in puberty treating menopausal breakouts requires a different approach as many of the traditional acne treatments can dry out the skin – exactly what you want to avoid in menopause.  Regular use of niacinamide has been shown to have an anti-bacterial effect and helps to control hormonal breakouts.

Niacinamide pairs well with other skincare ingredients. 

Niacinamide is well-tolerated and pairs well with other skincare ingredients so it’s easy to incorporate into your skincare regime. Even better, Niacinamide can be layered in different skincare products to maximise its effect.


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