Why Living M joined GenM

In the short time since we launched Living M so much has changed in the conversation around menopause.  A menopause revolution is happening now with organisations like GenM leading the way.  Here's why were are proud to be a GenM brand partner. 


Why Living M joined GenM

This Global Menopause Awareness Month - A Menopause Revolution is truely underway

In the short time since we launched Living M so much has changed in the conversation around menopause.  There has quite literally never been a better time to be a menopausal woman. This Menopause Awareness Month the conversation is even louder than last year. Things have improved but there is still a long way to go.  That is why we are incredibly proud to be partners of GenM, an organisation that encourages brands to recognise and respond to the needs of perimenopausal and menopausal women. Menopause is so much more than hot flushes and missed periods - awareness of menopausal symptoms and removing the age stigma attached to menopause is key to making really positive progress in how society views menopause. With over 15million menopausal women in the UK - one third of the female population – we certainly aren’t a group to be ignored.  75% of menopausal women believe it remains a social taboo that isn’t openly discussed. As a result, there is an ‘invisible generation’ of menopausal and perimenopausal women and transgender individuals suffering though mentally and physically debilitating symptoms, in silence.

GenM, the menopause partner for brands, was co-founded by Heather Jackson and Sam Simister. 

Together, they founded GenM with a clear mission: to unite responsible brands and organisations to improve the menopause experience, normalise the conversation, and support underserved menopausal consumers and employees. In this way, Heather and Sam aim to empower women to enter this pivotal time in their lives feeling better prepared, educated and without fear. By aligning with GenM, Living M has committed to being a voice for change and representing perimenopausal and menopausal women.

“Menopause ignorance has gone on for too long and it’s our joined responsibility as brands and employers to wake up and unite in representing those in the menopause and their support network. This first-of-its kind movement is raising awareness, educating, and driving real change to the change, and we’re proud for Living M to be a partner,” said Heather Jackson.

GenM have been successful in uniting a huge and diverse range of brands in their mission - from High Street giants like Boots, Holland and Barret and Royal Mail to small start-ups like ours.   We all share a common goal – to make menopause a better experience for everyone.


Incredible work is being done to open up the conversation around menopause and we are proud to be part of Gen M who are leading the way for menopausal women by uniting forward thinking brands and organisations.  BUT they say it takes a village and we don’t think the menopause should be any different.  The help and support we give to each other, our friends and family will truly make a difference to all our experiences of menopause.  We need to keep the conversation going with each other, way beyond Menopause Awareness Month.  There are over 15 million of us perimenopausal and menopausal women in the UK alone and by 2025 there will be 1 billion menopausal women globally.  That’s a lot of us so let’s stick together and make sure we are looking out for one another.

- Siobhan & Caroline 


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