What is Hormonal Skincare and why is it important in menopause?

There is a lot of buzz around hormonal skincare at the moment – have you heard of it?  It’s at the heart of Living M’s skincare philosophy.  We were excited to see Living M featured in various press articles this month as a brand leading the way in this revolutionary approach to skincare.  As our co-founder Siobhan said to Yahoo News! “We talk about hormonal skin changes in relation to pregnancy, puberty and periods but when we come to the menopause, we are told to anti-age – that doesn’t make sense – in menopause we need skincare designed with our hormonal skin changes in mind”. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the rollercoaster of hormonal skincare and why it’s the key to healthy, great looking- skin in menopause.

Living M Skincare for menopause

What is hormonal skincare?

Hormonal skincare addresses the intricate balance between hormones and skin health.  Hormones are key messengers in our bodies and have a profound effect on the condition of our skin.  Oestrogen and progesterone, in particular, play an important role in regulating skin health and appearance.

Hormonal skincare is a revolutionary approach that recognises the impact hormonal changes can have on our skin and provides targeted solutions to these very specific changes.  Understanding the way your hormones affect your skin means you can optimise your skincare regime and get far better results.

Why is hormonal skincare important in menopause?

When we think about hormonal skin we often think about spots and breakouts, but the fact is that our hormones regulate our skin condition in many more ways than triggering hormonal acne. The hormonal fluctuations of menopause are dramatic, and the truth is our hormones affect our skin during this life stage far more than simply ageing. 

As oestrogen in particular declines the skin is affected in very specific ways;

  • Loss of collagen and elastin. As oestrogen declines, collagen declines.  As a result, skin becomes drier, thinner, less supple and loses radiance. 
  • Increased sensitivity and inflammation. Lower oestrogen levels make skin more prone to inflammation and sensitivity as our skin barrier starts to weaken.  Many women find that their skin becomes sensitive for the first time or those who already have sensitive skin find it becomes even more sensitive.  It’s likely that products you have been using for years will stop working and start to cause inflammation.
  • Loss of hydration. As our skin barrier starts to weaken in menopause as hormone levels decline, skin loses its ability to hold onto water.  Production of natural oils and hyaluronic acid in the skin slow down leaving skin dry and dehydrated.
  • Breakouts. The imbalance of hormones triggered by menopause can trigger hormonal breakouts often for the first time since puberty.  Unlike teenage skin these breakouts tend to be around the jaw area. This combined with the other skin changes above is one of the real contradictions of menopausal skin changes. 

Living M is at the forefront of this revolutionary approach to skincare

Understanding the way our hormones affect our skin is at the heart of what we do at Living M.  The very specific changes that occur during menopause are often conflicting – how do you relieve skin dryness on one hand whilst targeting hormonal breakouts and loss of radiance at the same time?  This was the precise experience of our co-founder Siobhan. The contradictions of these different skin changes were incredibly difficult to target with ‘anti-ageing’ products targeted at her, in conjunction with blemish solutions from the teenage skincare aisle.

Our unique Living M skincare system offers a targeted approach to hormonal skin changes.  The intelligent formulas are created with the most effective, proven skincare actives balanced at optimum levels to give skin everything it needs to optimise skin health and condition in menopause.  What we have left out of our cutting-edge formulas is just as important as what we have included.  We don’t use any filler ingredients or any irritating ingredients.  All our products are free of fragrance, essential oils, drying alcohols, sulphates, parabens and silicones.  Our hormones make our skin much more sensitive so its best to avoid anything that will cause further irritation making menopausal skin symptoms worse.

We understand that the changes we experience in menopause are caused by our hormones changing and we have developed a tailored range to remove the guesswork from skincare. We don’t need to “anti-age”; what we need is skincare designed with our hormones in mind.