Radiant Skin in Midlife: Top Tips for a Healthy Glow

The question we are asked most often by our customers is “How can I get my glow back?”  The hormonal skin changes we experience in midlife can add up to a complexion that is dry and lacklustre.   As oestrogen declines, our collagen levels start to diminish. It might surprise you to learn that this can have a greater effect on our skin than simply ageing. It can often feel as if we’ve lost that glowy look overnight. The good news is we can restore skin radiance with the right skincare approach – here are our top tips.

Radiant Skin in Midlife: Top Tips for a Healthy Glow

Boost radiance without causing irritation

We can’t sing this skincare superhero’s praises enough. Niacinamide has so many benefits for midlife skin it’s hard to know where to begin but boosting radiance without causing irritation is a big one. It has a super effective brightening effect on skin but, unlike other ingredients it is well tolerated and won’t cause irritation, redness, or sensitivity. Quench & Soothe Serum is formulated with niacinamide for a radiance boost without irritation.

Boost Your Collagen Levels

Because collagen levels start to decline dramatically in (peri)menopause you need skincare products that will protect and boost collagen levels in your skin. Peptides are an intelligent skincare ingredient that send messages to your skin to produce more collagen and elastin, essential for supple, nourished skin. Living M Collagen Boost Moisturiser is a multi-benefit moisturiser formulated with a blend of signal peptides that stimulate collagen production for plumper, glowing, firmer skin. 

Renew and revitalise skin with retinol

If there is one ingredient that is guaranteed to restore a radiant look to your skin, it is retinol. Known as the gold standard for ageing well it is the most proven skincare ingredient there is and renowned for its transformative effect on skin. Retinol works in both the outer layer (epidermis) and inner level (dermis) of the skin. It increases the thickness of both layers by increasing cell turnover and stimulating collagen production. Regular use of a well formulated retinol product can target the signs of collagen loss. If you aren’t already using retinol, you need to start now as retinol will help stimulate the skin to boost collagen production. The result: smooth, glowing, and healthy skin.  Living M Super A Retinol Sleep Cream features 0.5% time-release encapsulated retinol for better results with a reduced risk of irritation It also contains three types of skin strengthening ceramides and super hydrator hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture while you sleep, and let the retinol works its magic.

Hydration is Key

Hydrated skin is happy skin and one of the most important steps in achieving radiant skin around menopause is to restore lost hydration. As oestrogen levels decline, skin starts to lose its ability to hold onto moisture causing to dryness and dullness. To combat this, incorporate a hydrating serum into your daily skincare routine. Look for products containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin which help to attract and lock in moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Living M Quench & Soothe Serum delivers an intense hydration boost with 3 different types of hyaluronic acid and glycerin for immediate and long-lasting hydration.

Gentle Cleansing

In midlife, skin tends to be more sensitive, so it's essential to use a gentle yet effective cleanser that won't strip away natural oils or cause irritation. Opt for fragrance-free cleansers that won’t cause irritation. Avoid foaming cleansers, wipes and balms as they can strip skin of its natural oils and exacerbate dryness and inflammation. In midlife, a cream cleanser is best to lock in moisture and protect against dryness. Living M 2-in-1 Cleanser & Mask is an intensely nourishing cream cleanser and face mask in one luxurious product. The moisture locking cream formulation leaves skin cleansed, rehydrated, and glowing. An indulgent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, nourishing natural oils and uplifting neroli blossom water. Use as both a cleanser and reviving overnight or 10-minute intensive treatment mask.

Living M skincare has been especially developed to target the effects of collagen loss in midlife.  Designed with your hormones in mind to rejuvenate and replenish for glowing, healthier stronger skin.

The Menopause Skin Solution Set is an easy to use skincare routine for maximum results in midlife.  Formulated with ingredients that complement each other at optimum levels for maximum results. The high-performance products have been expertly developed to complement one another to target the signs of collagen loss – dryness, loss of firmness and radiance, fine lines, skin sensitivity, redness and inflammation.

Step 1 Quench & Soothe Serum (35ml) is a next level super hydrator designed to soothe and calm sensitised skin. Helps control hormonal breakouts for an ultra-hydrated, brighter, clearer complexion. Superstar Ingredients: Multi-molecular hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and Vitamin B5.

Step 2 Collagen Boost Moisturiser (50ml) is a multi-tasking dream cream designed to boost collagen production and deliver vital nourishment for plumper, glowing, firmer skin. Superstar Ingredients: Signal peptides, resveratrol, niacinamide, multi-molecular hyaluronic acid, avocado and cupuacu butters.

Step 3 Super A Retinol Sleep Cream (50ml) A high-performance retinol blend designed to accelerate cell turnover for radiant, smoother, stronger skin. Specifically designed for menopausal skin so you can enjoy all the benefits of retinol without the irritating downsides. Superstar ingredients: 0.5% encapsulated retinol, ceramides, multi-molecular hyaluronic acid.