Menopause and Dry Skin

Dry, itchy and tight – for most women dryness is their biggest skin concern in menopause. It can often seem as though your skin has changed overnight. The good news is you can get great skin again if you know how to take care of it, what products to use and just as importantly, what to avoid. 

Menopause and dry skin. Perimenopause and Menopause skin changes

Going through the menopause can have a significant impact on our skin and the changes we see can feel quite rapid.  The hallmark of menopausal skin is undoubtedly dryness – almost all women will experience this.  So, what causes this and what can we do to combat dryness and get back healthy, glowy skin?

Why is my Skin so Dry in Menopause?

If you are noticing increased tightness, dryness and your skin has lost that glowy look then declining hormone levels are to blame.  Oestrogen is responsible for the production of collagen and natural oils in the skin which keep it plump, firm and radiant.  When levels decline in menopause, skin becomes drier, thinner and less radiant. 

What can help?

The skincare regime you used in your pre-menopause years is likely not going to be enough to combat the increased dryness caused by the menopause.  A more targeted approach is needed to get great skin – with the right skincare regime, ingredients, and products.

1) Cleanse skin gently

Gentle, cream-based cleansers are best for menopausal skin.  Avoid soap, foaming cleansers and wipes which dry out the skin and can leave it parched.  It’s also best to avoid using balm cleansers as they can disrupt the skin barrier leading to increased sensitivity and tightness.

2) Streamline your routine

Skin becomes much more sensitive in menopause which can make skin dryness even worse.  It can be tempting to try lots of new products or add more steps to your skincare regime but this can be counter-productive and make matters worse. When our skin barrier starts to weaken it can become prone to inflammation and breakouts. The more products you use, the greater the risk of irritation so streamlining your skincare is a must.  Living M is a highly effective two-step skincare system specifically designed for perimenopausal and menopausal skin.  Try the PERFECT PAIR for everything your skin needs in an easy-to-use daily skincare duo.

3) Maximum Moisture

In menopause a great moisturiser is one of the best investments you can make for your skin.  What has worked for your skin in the past probably isn’t going to be enough to treat the level of dryness you experience in menopause.  Living M COLLAGEN BOOST MOISTURISER has been specifically designed to combat this increased skin dryness in one multi-benefit formulation.  Containing a potent blend of collagen boosting peptides, phytoestrogens, and antioxidants it also contains nourishing natural butters avocado and cupuacu.  These natural super-moisturisers are jam packed with fatty acids that deeply moisturise, protect and heal skin.

4) Avoid Irritating Ingredients

Increased dryness can mean increased skin sensitivity, so it’s important to avoid any ingredients that might irritate skin and make the situation worse.   Many products contain ingredients that can aggravate skin so look for formulations that are free of fragrance, drying alcohols and essential oils (lovely on your body but really not designed to be put on your face!)

Living M skincare is formulated without any known irritants so you can rest assured you are only using good for you, skin-nourishing ingredients.  All our products are free of fragrance, drying alcohols, essential oils, sulphates and silicones.

5) The right actives at the right levels

Menopausal skin can seem really confused.  Dry and tight on the one hand but breaking out in a way you might not have experienced since your teen years on the other.  You are in need of powerful actives that will make a real difference to your skin but not irritate it, it's all about balance. Products claiming 'our strongest formulation ever' may not be what your skin needs. It's important to use products with active ingredients included at a level that is optimised for menopausal skin.  Products should be formulated with active ingredients that complement each other to target the contradictions of perimenopausal and menopausal skin. 

6) Go steady on the exfoliants and acids

It can be tempting to try and restore that lost glow with exfoliants and acids.  While these can get great results for pre-menopausal skin they aren’t recommended for menopausal women as they can strip the skin making it drier and more sensitive.  Physical exfoliants like scrubs are an absolute no in menopause – they can be harsh and irritating and will disrupt the protective skin barrier increasing dryness and irritation. When it comes to chemical exfoliants, proceed with caution, products with high levels of AHAs and BHAs can be too harsh for menopausal skin so limit use to once a week at most

LIVING M has been formulated with ingredients that effectively boost radiance in menopausal skin without causing irritation like niacinamide and antioxidant resveratrol.

7) Bring out the super-hydrators

As we approach menopause, skin loses its ability to hold onto water which increases skin dryness.  You need extra hydration to replace lost moisture from the skin’s surface.  Use super-hydrators like hyaluronic acid and glycerin which act as humectants and draw water into the skin.  Living M QUENCH & SOOTHE SERUM has been formulated with three different types of hyaluronic acid and glycerin for an intense hydration boost.

8) Skip the long, hot showers

Avoid the long, hot showers in menopause - hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils and can make skin even drier in menopause.  Always moisturise as soon as you get out of the shower.  A great tip is to apply products  when your skin is still damp as this helps boost hydration and will help ingredients to absorb better into the skin.

Living M skincare has been specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of menopausal skin.  Formulated with a proven blend of powerful collagen-boosting actives, antioxidants and multimolecular hyaluronic acid in super nourishing formulas that will deeply moisturise skin without causing irritation or breakouts.