Countdown to Glowing Skin this Christmas

At Living M, we know from personal experience how the effects of the party season can take its toll on your complexion.  Throw in a dose of menopausal skin changes and your skin can really start to suffer. Starting a good skincare regime and being consistent throughout the party season is key to glowing, healthy-looking skin.  Here are our top tips for looking your best this December.

Countdown to Glowing Skin this Christmas


Retinol is the gold standard skincare ingredient heralded for its transformative effect on skin.  If you want a healthy glow in menopause, a well formulated retinol is a must for your skincare routine. As our oestrogen levels decline, collagen declines – 30% is lost in the first 5 years of menopause. Cell turnover slows down and skin loses elasticity, tone, and radiance. If you aren’t already using retinol, you recommend starting now as retinol will help stimulate the skin to boost collagen production, gently resurfacing skin and speeding up cell turnover. The result: smooth, refreshed, radiant skin. It takes 2-3 weeks to see the results so start now for a gorgeous Christmas day glow. Living M Super A Retinol Sleep Cream has been especially formulated for use on menopausal skin.  With 0.5% encapsulated retinol that is released slowly as you sleep for better results and less risk of irritation that can sometimes occur when you are starting out with retinol.  We’ve also added skin strengthening ceramides and super hydrator multi-molecular hyaluronic acid to the formula to lock in moisture while the retinol works its magic.


It’s so important to take time to relax and put yourself first over the Christmas season.  It can be the most wonderful time of the year and it can also be the most stressful.  Take time to relax and rejuvenate skin with an indulgent face mask. Living M 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser is an intensely nourishing cream cleanser and face mask in one luxurious product.   An indulgent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, nourishing natural oils and uplifting neroli blossom water rejuvenate menopausal skin. Use once a week as an intensively nourishing overnight mask and wake up to rejuvenated, glowing skin.


To get your skin glowing every day, you need serious collagen boosting skincare actives in your moisturiser – look for formulations infused with peptides and resveratrol.  Peptides are very clever skincare ingredients that encourage your skin to make more collagen.  Resveratrol is a powerful natural antioxidant and phytoestrogen that mimics the effect of oestrogen on skin.  Found in the skin of red grapes, it has multiple benefits for menopausal skin – boosting firmness, elasticity and luminosity.  Find both of these super star ingredients in Living M Collagen Boost Moisturiser - a velvety nourishing cream powered by phytoestrogen, peptides, antioxidants, multi-molecular hyaluronic acid, vitamins and natural butters.


Tempting as it may be to collapse into bed after a long day or a Christmas party, make sure you remove your make-up before you sleep. Your skin will thank you.  A cream cleanser is the best choice for menopausal skin as it locks in moisture and won’t cause irritation – foam cleansers and wipes are very drying for skin and balms can strip the skin of natural oils causing it to become even drier. Living M 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser will melt away makeup and impurities without drying skin.  Massage into dry skin and remove with a hot cloth for a mini facial every morning.

For a complete party prep regime this December try our NEW Ultimate Menopause Skin Edit – a complete regime for menopausal skin.  Designed to boost collagen, relieve skin dryness, target hyperpigmentation, calm inflammation, and boost radiance -  its everything you need for healthy radiant skin in menopause.