Breaking Down the Skincare B.S

Living M Skincare for menopause and perimenopause. Breaking down the skincare BS. Separate skincare fact and fiction for menopause skin changes.

A great skincare routine is essential in menopause if you want radiant, healthy-looking skin.  But getting there might depend more on your ability to separate fact from fiction rather than how much you spend on skincare products.

The fact is that a lot of skincare advice out there simply just does not work.  Even worse, some skincare myths can even cause harm to your skin.  These are the biggest skincare myths you need to know about in menopause.

Myth: Natural, organic and botanical skincare products are better for your skin.

One of the biggest myths in skincare is that natural and organic products are safer to use and better for your skin.  Just because something comes from nature doesn’t mean it’s safer and non-toxic – look at poison ivy for example! But people often believe that something derived from nature is somehow gentler and safer than a chemical alternative.  This simply isn’t true and many plant-based ingredients can be highly irritating to skin.  Essential oils are a very common cause of skin irritation and are best avoided in menopause when skin is prone to increased sensitivity.  Living M skincare is free of all known skin irritants including fragrance, essential oils and drying alcohols.

Myth: The Highest percentage of active ingredients is best

There has been a trend in recent years for high strength single ingredient products.  The truth is you DON’T need to use super high strength percentages to get the best results.  In fact, in menopause, it can be irritating to skin to use super strong actives.  Living M skincare has been developed with the right actives carefully balanced to complement one another at optimum levels for menopausal skin.  So you can be confident your are getting the right level of hyaluronic acid, retinol, niacinamide and peptides to make a real difference to skin in the best possible combination without risking irritation.

Myth: You Need to Use Lots of Different Products

In menopause, the opposite is true.  Streamlining your skincare regime to a few hard-working super-effective products is key to getting real results. Using an excessive number of products and high strength actives can be counter-productive and a recipe for inflammation, breakouts and increased dryness – exactly what you are trying to avoid.   The Living M Menopause Skin Solution Set features three multi-benefit products that give your skin everything it needs to save you time and money with an easy-to-use routine for day and night. 

Myth: Jar or clear packaging is fine, it’s only the product inside that counts

Wrong!  Packaging matters. A lot.  Just think how quickly a leaf of lettuce goes off if you don’t keep it in the fridge – the same applies to your skincare.  Any product with great active ingredients needs to be packaged in an airless pump and not a jar.  Why? Because it’s more hygienic and it’s the very best way to protect the active ingredients.  Constantly sticking your hands in a jar exposes the product to bacteria which can denigrate the formulation – an airless pump offers protection.  When you open a jar you expose the active ingredients to the air and they start to oxidise – an airless pump will preserve them and keep them fresher and effective for longer.  Lastly it minimises waste, the airless pump dispenses the right amount of formula you need.

At Living M all our products are packaged in an airless pump and ours is fully recyclable too.  Just peel off the label and recycle in your household waste.


At Living M, we have created a simplified menopausal skincare routine for maximum results. The Menopause Skin Solution Set  targets the visual signs of oestrogen and collagen loss.  Featuring an expertly blended trio of must-have products in an easy to use 3 step routine for day and night. These three multi-benefit products give your skin everything it needs to save you time and money.  Our powerhouse active ingredients have been formulated at the optimum levels for menopausal skin and combined with skin nourishing ingredients for maximum results.