Do you really need a dedicated skincare range for (peri)menopausal skin?

Read award winning beauty journalist and author of GREAT SKIN, Ingeborg van Lotringen’s blog on skincare in menopause and perimenopause. 

Do you really need a dedicated skincare range for (peri)menopausal skin?

By Ingeborg van Lotringen. September, 2021

Navigating the (virtual) skincare aisles is enough to give anyone a tension headache these days. Whatever your skin issue, age or conviction, there’s so many ranges and products that promise to sort you out that you likely don’t have a clue where to start.

So you might question the sanity of adding yet another name into the confusing mix. To boot, it’s one that throws up a whole new issue you didn’t actually know you had. Is ‘(peri)menopausal skin’ even a thing? And since when does it need its own serum?!

Ingeborg van Lotringen

To recap: menopausal and perimenopausal (the years leading up to menopause) skin is confused, and under pressure from intense hormonal changes. It will be sensitive but in need of powerful skincare actives to stay bouncy and radiant. It will feel and look drier than ever, but sometimes break out in a way you haven’t experienced since you were, oh, 16. It will flush and look sallow at the same time. Basically, it will act mad and contrary. And that can be a challenge, to say the least.

The truth is, there are (many) products out there that can help you manage these symptoms. Great hydrators, powerful collagen boosters. Skin barrier builders. Effective spot treatments.

But they don’t cater for the contradictions, the confusion, the sheer oxymoron that is (peri)menopausal skin. How do you avoid spots when you need so much moisturiser than before to stop feeling tight and arid? Why is the retinol you were told your skin had to have leaving you red in the face? This is precisely where menopausal skincare like Living M comes it, as it mitigates conflicting issues in a way that other products don’t. And it does so in a neat package that comes complete with clear, empowering, and taboo-breaking information that gives women the tools to take control of their skin. 85% of menopausal women feel not spoken to by brands* while 66% of perimenopausal women aren’t aware their symptoms are due to perimenopause**. Putting those things right is well overdue. The (peri) menopause is tough enough to navigate; the least we can do is take the guesswork out of any skin issues.

We do it by offering carefully calibrated hydrating textures (not too rich, not too flimsy…), collagen-stimulating agents proven both to work and to be irritation-free (such as peptides, niacinamide and phytoestrogen resveratrol), and a pore-clearing formula that leaves your protective skin barrier intact. These are the things you need to maintain your healthy glow, hot flushes and mood swings be damned. 

Some might cobble together the perfect routine made up of their own cherry-picked selection of products from their favourite brands, and that’s great – but it takes research and careful attention to detail. At Living M, we’ve done the work for you, creating formulas that don’t clash and inadvertently make your skin worse, but ones that optimise regeneration and the health of your skin as it adjusts to this whole new stage in life. Ones that won’t cause any upset at all, being vegan, cruelty-free, and devoid of fragrance or other irritants.

These products will boost your skin, your mood and your confidence. And right now, that’s just what you need – and deserve.

*Source: L’Oreal  **Source: MPowder