4 Products To Transform Your Skin In Menopause

The hormonal skin changes we experience in menopause affect our skin a great deal. In fact, they have a more profound effect on the health and condition of our skin than simply ageing. We talk about hormonal skin changes in pregnancy, puberty, and periods but in menopause we are told to “anti-age”. So many of us don’t link these skin changes to the menopause, assuming our skin symptoms are the result of simply ageing. Understanding how our hormones affect our skin is at the heart of what we do at Living M. We have created an award-winning skincare system designed with your hormones in mind, especially for the unique needs of skin in menopause – peri and post. It’s easy to use, super effective and it gets great results – it’s all you need when it comes to your skincare routine and it’s the key to healthy, great looking skin in menopause.

4 Products To Transform Your Skin In Menopause

Menopausal Skin Needs Are Different

The skin changes we experience in menopause are quite specific, so we really need a tailored approach to treating them. Many women find that products they been using for years stop getting results or even worse, start to cause irritation. We need a fresh approach if we want great skin in menopause. 

30% of collagen is lost in the first 5 years of menopause and the effect on our skin is dramatic – dryness, loss of radiance and firmness, hyperpigmentation, increased sensitivity, and breakouts are all common skin symptoms caused by fluctuating hormones. Our skin barrier starts to weaken making skin more reactive and less able to hold onto water. 

In menopause our skin is confused – dry, irritated, and lacking in radiance on the one hand but breaking out in spots on the other. It can be hard to know how to treat one symptom without aggravating another. We wanted to create a complete skincare regime that would target the unique, often conflicting, needs of skin in menopause.

It can be really tempting when you see changes in your skin to try all the latest products and layer lots of different ingredients adding more steps in your skincare regime. We know from personal experience this isn’t the best approach in menopause. Using lots of different products can overload your skin, causing more problems than it solves. Layering lots of different products and ingredients can be a recipe for breakouts, inflammation, and increased dryness – exactly what you are trying to avoid. As your hormones change, your skin becomes much weaker and prone to sensitivity. Our expertly curated range of super effective products delivers glowing, healthy skin in menopause.

Living M - A Total Skin Solution for Menopause

Living M is a total skincare system especially designed to target the effects of oestrogen and collagen loss. The products can be used individually but for maximum results they combine to give your skin everything it needs in menopause and nothing that it doesn’t. Our expertly curated range is formulated with clinically proven active ingredients layered at optimum levels for menopausal skin, our products complement each other perfectly. We’ve taken the guesswork out of your menopausal skincare regime – with everything your skin needs and nothing that it doesn’t. It is designed to be used daily as a complete, easy-to-use skincare system for maximum results and great looking, healthy skin in menopause.

The Best Cleanser for Menopausal Skin

A nourishing cream cleanser is the best cleanser format to use in menopause as it keeps skin supple and hydrated and protects against skin dryness. It’s best to avoid foaming cleansers and balms that can strip natural oils from the skin and disrupt skin’s natural barrier leading to dryness and inflammation. Living M 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser & Mask is  an intensely nourishing cream cleanser and face mask in one luxurious product. An indulgent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, nourishing natural oils and uplifting neroli blossom water. These superstar ingredients are designed to rejuvenate menopausal skin. The best bit? It’s so nourishing it can also be used as a face mask as either a 10 minute or intensive treatment.

A Super Hydrating, Brightening Serum for Menopausal Skin

Our award-winning Quench & Soothe Serum is as next level super hydrator designed to soothe and calm sensitised perimenopausal and menopausal skin. Multi-molecular hyaluronic acid delivers an intensely hydration boost while niacinamide restores radiance, calms inflammation and targets hormonal breakouts an ultra-hydrated, brighter, clearer complexion.

The Ultimate Collagen Boosting Moisturiser for Menopause

It has won multiple skincare awards for good reason. Collagen Boost Moisturiser is a velvety moisturiser powered by phytoestrogen, collagen boosting peptides, antioxidants, multi-molecular hyaluronic acid, vitamins and natural butters. More than a moisturiser, it relives skin dryness, boosts collagen levels in the skin for plumper, glowing skin.

The Best Retinol for Overnight Rejuvenation in Menopause

There is no other skincare ingredient that will do as much for your skin as retinol -it’s the gold standard skincare ingredient for ageing well. It targets fine lines, improves skin firmness and elasticity, reduces hyperpigmentation and age spots and encourages cell turnover. Our Super A Retinol Sleep Cream is retinol reinvented for menopausal skin. 0.5% encapsulated time released retinol is carried deep into the skin and released while you sleep, targeting skin cells at a lower level. With an ultra-nourishing blend of skin strengthening ceramides and multi-molecular hyaluronic acid it works with your nightly regenerative cycle. Wake up to a brighter, rejuvenated, more refreshed complexion.

How to Use the Living M Skincare System

We’ve designed our system to be easy to use for maximum results and glowing, healthy skin in menopause.

Step 1 Use Quench & Soothe Serum daily AM and PM after cleansing and before moisturising.

Step 2 Use Collagen Boost Moisturiser daily AM and PM after Quench & Soothe Serum.

Step 3 Use Super A Retinol Sleep Cream only at night and apply to clean dry skin. On nights you use this product you don’t need to use Quench & Soothe Serum or Collagen Boost Moisturiser. If you are new to retinol start 1 to 2 times a week on non-consecutive days. If your skin is happy then increase to 3 times a week on non-consecutive days. On the evenings you aren’t using Super A Retinol Sleep Cream you can use Quench & Soothe Serum and Collagen Boost Moisturiser.

Use 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser & Mask daily as a cleanser, AM and PM. As an overnight mask 1-2 times a week.

Our products are all cruelty free, vegan and made in UK. Free from known skin irritants fragrance, drying alcohol, essential oils, sulphates and silicones.